A Glimpse on Genealogy Travel and Its Benefits to Your Wanderlust Soul

A Glimpse on Genealogy Travel and Its Benefits to Your Wanderlust Soul

Have you ever wondered about your ancestral root? Questioning to which tribe and ethnicity the blood that runs through your veins and the colour of your hair belong? For those with a passion for genealogy or simply want to know more about their identity, must have asked this question at least once in their lifetime. As the world is getting interconnected day by day, it is very easy to find our commonalities among the international community. We identify ourselves as members of the global society. However, where does it leave us when it comes to our family history and the need to relate to our distant relatives?

The answer would be, it leaves us no space to think about our roots or it could be the opposite. Among the commonalities we have as the members of the global community, we might start to feel the need to set boundaries, a different ground that makes you, you - a unique individual. If you have the tendency towards the latter, rest assured! There is a way to re-establish the paths that could bring you all the way back to the past and reconnect with your ancestors, thus giving you a better stand on your identity and self-image. The best part is that you could do this in a fun and entertaining way by getting yourself into a Genealogy Travel. 

Genealogy travel involves making a trip to the land of our ancestors to research our family history. Genealogy travel, which is also known as “ancestry travel” or “family tree travel” is a rising trend in which people visit places that are related to their heritage. In fact, 50% of Americans, 89% of Indian people and 68% of French people have already travelled to at least one country or place significant to their family history.

Before the famous DNA test that reveals our true ethnicity, people with different roots are happy with just knowing where their mothers and their fathers originally came from. Nowadays, you could also know the origin of you great great grandparents without having to go through the boring pedigree lesson. As mentioned, finding our roots becomes an important part of our wellbeing amidst the world homogeneity. Besides, Genealogy Travel gives us more travelling ideas and puts more meaning into our trip. At the time of Covid-19, travelling for purpose is more important than simply travelling for fun. 

So, how do we start? First, you need to be aware that your DNA might yield more than just one ethnicity, you might be a creation of ten different tribes! Therefore, the best way to deal with this is to find as much information about the relevant countries of where your ancestors came from. Then go searching for what kind of travel itinerary that the countries offer. Contacting a travel agency might help to narrow down your options. But remember to choose the one that speaks the most to you personality and what you are looking for from this pilgrimage. 

Another thing to note is that Genealogy Travel doesn’t have to be an overseas travel. If you happen to find out that you are rooted to a tribe who lives in another region within your country of residence, start the trip from there before you plan to go further abroad. As mentioned, this kind of trip doesn’t only render the excitement you need by visiting many places, but it also brings you to a place where you have an emotional connection with. This trip is particularly helpful if you are in a search of a new meaning or purpose in life. Isn’t just right to explore the land once lived on by your distant relatives while revisiting your WHY?


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