7 Sustainable Tips To Improve To Increase Your Positive Energy

7 Sustainable Tips To Improve To Increase Your Positive Energy

Urban life with all its hustle and bustle, hectic working schedules and countless invitations to networking events, are no doubt raising your pressure towards a balanced state of mind. As an independent self-made woman, you want to keep up with all the agendas. However, when you are not 100% fit, your potential successful business tender or your fun social event might slip through your fingers without you being able to control it. Instead of radiating the positive energy you are known for, you are releasing negative frequency towards your inner circle. Rest assured, you can prevent this unpleasant event from happening by ceaselessly practising these 7 tips to increase your positive energy especially when a bad mood is about to strike. Read on:

1. Become conscious of your thoughts. Your thoughts attract energy. Be cautious of your external circumstances and be mindful of any kind of energy you allow to get in your mind.

2. Find something beautiful and appreciate it. The best way to approach this idea is to figure out your hobby or things you like. If you are a faithful connoisseur of flowers, consider embellishing your house, your desk or your room with this petalled and colourful plants. This way, you can entertain your mind while bringing fresh oxygen to your surroundings. Choose real ones, not those which are made from plastics.

3. Be conscious of the foods you eat. You are what you eat. Whilst becoming a vegan needs a strong commitment, you can practice your good intention by opting for organic foods. Organic food doesn’t only give you the non-pesticide minerals you need to stay healthy and thus raising your positive energy but also supports the ethical plantation businesses that supply our market with organic food.

4. Drink water. More than 50% percent of our body is water. In other words, you need a lot of amounts of water to function properly. Keep your water eco-friendly bottle around particularly during a trip and gradually stop buying mineral water packed in a plastic bottle.

5. Meditate. Back to zero level. At least once a day, spare five to ten minutes to detach yourself from the physical world and make a connection to a higher level of your consciousness. This way, you can regain your sanity and boost your positive energy without having to consume electronic media to distract your mind from the cosmic discordance.

6. Be grateful. 10% of the world’s population still live under extreme poverty. When you have a roof over your head, a comfortable bed to sleep in at night and are surrounded by people who care about you, there are plenty of reasons for you to be grateful! By feeling good about yourself and what you have, you vibrate positive energy and, who knows, you might inspire someone else to do the same.

7. Practice acts of kindness. Giving back from what you take. When you take advantage of natural resources, plan to give something back out of it, probably by watering your garden or feed stranded animals. If you own a business and work with someone else to run it, show your gratitude for their presence. Positive energy attracts positive energy and thus, you can multiply your own positive vibrations.


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