5 Be’s To Get You Through A Busy Day While Still Looking Great

5 Be’s To Get You Through A Busy Day While Still Looking Great

If you are a working mom and conscious-minded, having a hectic schedule is not avoidable, but inevitable. Many women try to get through their busy days by focusing merely on how to give and overlook the importance to take a little time off for themselves. The fear of being labelled as selfish or self-centred, quite often, becomes the main reason why many women, particularly those with kids, tend to put aside their own well-being. The result? emotional exhaustion, burnout and cynicism. Studies show that women are more likely to suffer from burnout at work. Additionally, a study published by The Journal of Brain & Behavior in 2016, states that women are twice as likely to suffer from severe stress and anxiety as men. As a family, we don’t want you to end up in the same pitfall. We want you to have all the chances that you could have to succeed in your professional and personal life, but at the same time, to make you feel good about yourself. Therefore, we are here to give you five tips to handle a hectic schedule while still looking great.

Be Organised With A Planned Schedule
Feeling like you can rely on your mental capability and memorise all of your tasks without having a note? Well, in this case, it’s better to be safe than sorry. There is no harm in listing down your routines or today’s activities and make a plan on how you can complete them all. A small agenda, if you are a classic or a cell-phone can be your private assistance to help you map out your day in a more purposeful way, instead of completing whichever comes first in your mind. When you manage to finish your assigned task, your brain produces dopamine, which is responsible to boost your confidence. A confident person sparks inner beauty.

Be Firm With Time And People
Sometimes, we take everything seriously and tend to overthink what people might feel if we say “No” to them. If you are like this, get rid off this habit and show firmness in your response. It doesn’t mean that you are free to hurt people’s feelings, however. It means that you need to be smart in not letting people interfere with your planned schedule, so that you can be effective with your own time and tasks. When people feel offended by your nice way of saying “No”, the problem is not with you but with them. 

Be Versatile With Your Style
Your daily routines already consume most of your time. Don’t let appearance meddles in the way you cope with your day. Wear a comfortable outfit that is appropriate for many occasions. Opt for layers that you can take out or in whenever you need, and make sure that the garments are made from breathable materials. On top of that, choose neutral colours that are easily matched with your shoes and bag. If you are a believer of beauty enhancement through make-up, wear natural make-up by applying a nude-coloured lipstick and a simple eyeliner style for your eyes. 

Be At Your Best Physical Condition 
Exercise is the key here. When you are physically fit from doing enough exercise, your body is capable to endure more tensions that are generated from office politics or children tantrums. Besides, it’s scientifically proven that having physical activities, such as running and workout, can release endorphins, the chemical substance your body needs to feel happy. A healthy and happy person doesn’t respond to whichever negative emotion that might come across her day. 

Be The Master of Your Mind
Don’t entertain your negative thoughts. Whenever you feel like cynicism or anxiety tries to occupy your mind, remind yourself that it is just your brain that is being over-reactive. Thank your brain for trying to protect you but at the same time, tell it to stop overreacting and trust your self-efficacy in completing your tasks or dealing with challenges. Eventually, there is no problem that is greater than your ability to solve it. 

Starting from tomorrow, implement these “Be-Tips” and find yourself getting through a busy day with a smile on your face. 

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