3 Sustainable Travel Essentials For Your Eco-Conscious Trip

3 Sustainable Travel Essentials For Your Eco-Conscious Trip

1. Non-Plastic Travel Bottle

Plastic waste takes 450 years to degrade. Using a travel bottle made from iron or sustainable materials helps reducing potential waste. Say "No" to plastic water bottles at the hotel you stay in, when possible, and ask for a glass jar instead. It's eco-friendly and classy!

2. Eco-friendly Cutlery Set

Whilst some restaurants still offer you plastic straws or plastic utensils, going zero-waste with your own cutlery set is a much better and healthier approach. Our Gourmet Traveller set ,made from organic materials, is your best bet!

3. Eco-friendly Totebag

On average, people use plastic grocery bags for 7 minutes, but the plastic can continue to harm the enviroment for hundreds of years. To keep from using plastic bags when visiting a convenient store, keep your handy totebag at the ready. Eco-friendly totebags are usually made from linen and are versatile and long lasting.

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