21st Century Opinion On What Makes Woman A Woman

21st Century Opinion On What Makes Woman A Woman

Sensitive, expressive and tender are the feminine attributes commonly used to describe woman. When they dream big, they are considered delusional. When they cry, people think that they are hysterical. As long as estrogens still run their bodies, women will be deemed as the emotional creatures who listen to intuition over logic when making decisions, and being mistreated for this tendency. Do you know that women are still paid less for doing the same job and being as savvy and intelligent as their male colleagues? 

Thanks to feminists, the society is moving towards a sphere that gives more space to a forward-thinking over fundementalist bias. The National Organisation for Women defines womanhood in a way that breaks the notion of traditional perception. We no longer perceive women through a set of physical characteristics or personality traits, but rather trying to understand them through the contribution they make to this world. 

The true beneficiary of this changing philosophy is the post Gen X. Millenials and the younger generations have their own way to interpret the meaning of womanhood. Based on Teenvouge’s report, the younger generation has a visionary way to define womanhood. Their definition is personal and do not fall into one stereotypical box. It exceeds the boundaries of gender role, feminine attributes and physical appearance. For them, becoming a woman is a spiritual journey when they found what they stand for and how they can use their strength to create a better place for their fellow women, and the rest of humanity. They are independent and conscious. 


The younger generations' perception on the meaning of womanhood shows similarities with the definition proposed by a sexologist, Dr. Logan Levkoff, who said that womanhood is a state of mind and a commitment to social action. It’s about being a master in every aspect of your life, a.k.a be the most performing employee at work, be the perfect teamplayer for your husband and be the loving caregiver to your kids. 

It can be messy when trying to be this “mythical” figure, sometimes. That’s why these five tips to wing becoming a woman in 21th century from Paloma Cantero-Gomez is handy to help every woman in getting through her battle. 


To complete the article, we pick an inspiring story from a female blogger who wrote about what it means to be a woman through her personal experience. For her, Womanhood is about being strong enough to one day raise a family, to sacrifice for that family and for the people I love.


What about you? What defines your perception of womanhood?


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