1 People's Top Tips For Protecting Our Planet

1 People's Top Tips For Protecting Our Planet


We live in an increasingly polluted world, where single-use plastics are filling up landfill sites or else being tipped into the oceans, and fossil fuels continue to burn a hole in the ozone layer.

But, here at 1 People we have recognised there are so many things that we can do as individuals that collectively add up to be the catalyst for positive change. For example; we choose manufacturers who manage waste and have goals to recycle more and limit waste, we compost our food waste at our office, we send batteries to a recycling facility, we send paper to be recycled for our packaging boxes, cardboard, glass, plastics and metals are being recycled at a facility nearby our office. We also offset our carbon footprint and collect all our fabric waste from in house and from our manufacturers. These are sorted in colours and when we have a certain amount we have an agreement with a re-spinning mill in Java, Indonesia, to produce new yarn and fabric from the leftovers.

Now, we wish to share with you below simple changes you can identify in your own lives to join us in protecting our planet, the ocean and the people within.


Recycle, Properly


Firstly, not only has it never been easier with local councils collecting our recycling more frequently than our other waste, but innovation around the process itself means that more materials than ever are capable of being recycled. Research in regards to recycling an item has never been easier, if you are unsure simply google the item in question and search for the best way to dispose of this product.

Only Eat Sustainable Seafood

Overfishing is rapidly proving to be a big problem and if we continue, fish populations could be at the point of collapse, having a huge knock-on effect not only on marine environments, but also on world hunger and livelihoods that rely on the fishing industry.

Do try and avoid overexploited species when doing your food shopping and ordering in restaurants. Atlantic cod, tuna, plaice, sole and tropical prawns are the top five species on Greenpeace's list of endangered fish.

Lead By Example

We know this blog is aimed at those who wish to change individually, but such change will be much more effective if you encourage others to follow your lead and act now. Next time you're packing up your beach bag after a day spent sunning on the beach, check around you and pick up any bits of plastics or litter you can see. It may seem like a super small gesture, but if everyone did it, it would make a big difference.


Skip Single-Use Plastics


We've become heavily dependent on plastics, but the material is problematic as it takes so long to break down and some types are impossible to recycle. While it's hard to avoid plastic all together, you can quite easily cut out the single use ones.
Swap your plastic straws with paper or metal ones, use a thermos flask in place of a throw-away coffee cup, and so on.


Think About The Chemicals In Your Beauty Products




We've already seen plastic microbeads in personal care products banned due to the detrimental pollution they were causing. But it's not just microbeads that are the problem. There's a whole host of ingredients that are commonly used in our beauty products, as well as home care products, that are frequently washed down the drain, disrupting the marine ecosystems.

There are certain stand-out offenders, for example we're becoming more informed about the impact certain UV filters can have on our coral reefs and fish when washed off the skin, and Hawaii even banned the offending chemicals (oxybenzone and octinoxate) from being sold in sun care products as of 2016. Other potential ocean offenders commonly found in our products include Triclosan, an antibacterial agent often found in hand gels, and parabens, which act as preservatives in many formulas.

Give back

Lastly, we are aware you can only do so much at home, so make sure you show your support for the organisations that are dedicated to implementing wider change. From local charities to global ones like Greenpeace and the WWF, there's so many good causes to choose from.

So, what are you waiting for?


Much Love,

1 People

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