We built 1 People as a power center that generates positive impacts in the business world, with our artisans and suppliers and with our customers. We donate 40% of our profits to our impact-driven social entrepreneur school, Business For Planet. These new entrepreneurs are changing the world from within.

We also work with artisans who craft our cutlery with their skilled hands and partner with local women communities who hand-weave our fabric. We want to create jobs to millions of people who are in need and build a global like-minded community that gears towards creating a better world for us and our future generations.

We have a constant focus on material health. We want to deliver good, reliable and safe products to our customers. We want to protect public health and, therefore, our products are safe to use and we never compromise on this. We don't sell products with any kind of unsafe or unhealthy chemicals, hormone disrupting materials, toxins or heavy metals.

All our products are of high quality so they last long and can stand the normal wear and use without getting out of shape, look worn, loose functions or break apart.

We also take good care of our employees and suppliers employees and respect human rights and we work strongly against corruption in all its forms, including extortion and bribery.


There are lots of factors that constantly remind us of the need to change the traditional business practices. At 1 People, we fully commit to give more back than we take. We strive not to pollute and leave waste behind us and we want our existence and products to be safe for humans, animals and the environment.

We believe that a healthy environment and a prosperous economy easily can co-exist in equal proportion. Our action to make this equation reality is to meticulously choose the suppliers that we work with and all the time opt for the most sustainable materials as possible. When this is not possible, we maintain full transparency and work focused towards fixing this for future products.


Most of our smaller suppliers and artisans don’t have certifications on their products since certification processes are very costly. We always do a thorough check on all suppliers to make sure that their products live up to our high standards of sustainability.

All dyed fabrics are either natural plant dyed, GOTS certified dyed or Oeko-Tex certified.

All cotton used in our products are GOTS certified.


At 1 People, we believe in transparency and as much as we strive to make all our products 100% recycled etc, sometimes we just can’t, no matter how hard we try and therefore this number represents the overall percentage this particular product is made of sustainable materials.


At 1 People, we are yearly resetting our carbon emissions through certified projects around the world. Simultaneously we are constantly working on lowering our CO2 emissions. Our carbon offsetting is certified by United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

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