Fair Pricing


We know you might be surprised about how it can be possible for us to sell our products to a relatively low price despite our high quality, fine finish, sustainable and innovative fabrics and comprehensive Business for Planet project.


The reason is actually very simple. We believe sustainability, social responsibility, impressive quality and unique design shouldn't be achievable for just a small group of people. We believe it should be possible for more women to buy consciously and responsibly because that's the direction we need to go to change the world to a better place.


Because of our belief, we have worked tremendously hard to make the right business model which makes this possible. We call our model The Fair Pricing model which is based on a comprehensive approach that includes the way we source, produce, distribute, market and scale our operations.


And on top of all this, it simply comes down to what we believe is fair to you. This is why our markup from production cost to you as a customer is as low as 3. We are doing this because it's fair and because it's the right thing to do.


We hope you will support our effort to bring this approach to the world.

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