Retreat. Take a little time off to reconnect with yourself, revisit your WHY and find your balance. We are here to celebrate the moment with you, your strength and the importance of your existence.
1 People activewear is made of eco-friendly materials. Designed to give you elegance and engineered to perform as your second skin during dynamic activities. Enjoy feeling comfortable and confident amidst your daily routines.
Kathmandu Collection by 1 People
retreat to your cozy corner reconnect with yourself
Rebuild your strength at your cozy corner. Have some “Me” moment. Enjoy the nature. Celebrate silence. Regardless of your choice to retreat, 1 People activewear is the perfect essentials for you to start with.
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As a responsible and sustainable brand, we want to support projects that recycle plastic waste and also make sure that the fabric we use harm the environment as little as possible.
For all our swimwear and activewear we use Econyl fabric, which consists of 78% recycled polyester and 22% elastane. The polyester used for recycling is collected from abandoned fishing nets and carpet lint.
All of our products come in a 1 People signature box. This box and our instructions cards are made from recycled paper and colored with natural dyes. Our logo stickers, that come with the box, are made from bio-compostable paper.
For each product purchased, 40% goes towards managing our FREE Social Entrepreneur Program. We believe this will help reduce poverty and help create a healthier approach to business for the artisan and planet alike.
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