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A Conscious Woman, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, and Mother of Two

About Rea

About Rea

Born and raised in Denmark to a Danish mother and an Indonesian father, Rea grew up learning to see the world in different perspectives. This upbringing influences her character and therefore, makes her a personality with strong values. Through her unique perspective of life, she figured out that the world needs a new paradigm that guides the way we utilise our natural resources and the way we treat other people. Ever since, Rea has been forging her way to demonstrate this way of thinking by co-founding a people and planet oriented business – 1 People.



as Chief Sustainability Officer

Charging as 1 People’s CSO (Chief Sustainability Officer) and backed up with her degree in psychology and international studies, Rea believes that the core foundation of a strong international brand lies on its values and steadfast commitment to sustainability. With a clear vision and crystalised roadmap towards sustainable development, she is convinced that brands could use sustainable practises as an effective platform to solve the problems of the world, namely poverty, climate change and pollution.

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