Jonathan Algreen, The CEO and Founder of 1 People

A social entrepreneur, philanthropist, serial investor and a thought leader in impact driven business

About Jonathan

Jonathan is a skilled social entrepreneur with 20 years of experience. He has founded, ran, bought and sold businesses multiple times resulting in a plethora of insights pertaining to what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur as well as a leader. Jonathan believes that hard work and passion are the main indicators to excel in any business and entrepreneurial endeavour. He advocates these values through his social media channels and leadership-related events while leading the 1 People’s team by example. More than two decades of forging a way for local companies to get a significant role in the global market, Jonathan has secured a solid financial platform for himself. That said, his focus at this moment is to build 1 People as a brand that strikes a balance between people, the planet and profit. For Jonathan, financial success is rather a positive consequence of his commitment to create a better world through business and mindful leadership.

His ultimate goal is to change the mindset of the business community from a profit-oriented gainer to a social-entrepreneurship frontrunner, making business a platform to bring impact to the world. When asked why he made this goal his personal call, Jonathan said that “I believe businesses can do so much more than just driving profit to the founders and shareholders. Business is the perfect platform to create a real positive impact in the world since most resources, money and skilled people, are a part of it”
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