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Product Description:

A stylish sun visor for those who are looking for elegance and simplicity in headwear.

  • Linen headband embellished with Piñatex® for durability that flows throughout
  • Adjustable strap connected by a golden clasp to provide a tight fit
  • Our Signature 1 People logo compliments the headband.
  • Solid and perfect size brim
  • The product comes in a box and a pouch for decent care
  • Available in linen’s natural colour


1 People is committed to sustainable fashion, therefore, when designing accessories, we endeavour in our best capacity to use eco-friendly materials and source them ethically. When this is not possible, we maintain full transparency and work towards fixing this for future products.

  • The headband is made from organic linen
  • The material used for piping is made from Piñatex®
  • The brim is layered with a recycled plastic bucket
  • The clasp and the logo are made from recycled brass.

Product Care:

As the product is made out of hand processed natural elements, please hand wash it separately as the colour may run into other clothing. Please hand wash this product with cold water and do not use bleach. When drying outside, please make sure to hang it in a shaded area.

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