Gourmet Traveller Set

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Eco-friendly Cutlery

A set of wooden cutlery and sheathed in a double-lined napkin.

  • The eco-friendly kit comes with a spoon and a fork, chopsticks and a straw with a cleansing brush made out of coconut fibre.
  • The gourmet kit is available in four shades.
  • Signature 1 People logo is engraved on every piece in the set.


  • The napkin is doubled-lined. The outer fabric is made from organic linen while the inner fabric is made from organic cotton
  • The napkin is coloured with natural dyes
  • The gourmet set including the spoon, fork, chopsticks and straw are made from either bamboo or coconut coarse. You can choose which one you prefer
  • The straw comes with a cleaning brush which is made from coconut fibre

Product Care:

Please hand wash the napkin and use soap with water to clean up the cutlery. As the cutlery set is naturally coated, to maintain the quality of it, we recommend to treat your wooden cutlery with Coconut Oil after several times of use.

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