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Holistic Wellness Hamper Box

Our BALANCE Box is perfect for your yoga moment at home. Infuse your favourite tea in our 2 in 1 Bamboo-lid glass infuser or use it as a regular water bottle, light up the aromatherapy incense stick, wrap your hair with our scarf, unroll your mat and Namaste!



The Balance box consists of an eco-friendly tea infuser/water bottle made of glass, a set of incense sticks, an incense holder made from wood, a 1 People plant-dyed signature scarf and a copper-jarred soy candle.

BY 1 PEOPLE” Signature Candle - 'Classic'.

  • Beautifully curated in the island of Bali.
  • The 'Classic' soy candle is designed to evoke emotion and invigorate your senses.
  • Burn time - Approx 40 hours.

Glass Water Bottle/Tea Infuser 350ml.

  • Made from glass and sustainably harvested bamboo, our 2 in 1 water bottle can also be used to infuse your favourite tea.
  • Contemporary design with excellent quality of craftsmanship.

“1 PEOPLE” Monogram Scarf
An sand-coloured scarf embellished with our monogram pattern that is printed in white, made from soft and breathable Tencel and natural plant dyed. Multi use. Size: 55cm x 55cm.

Incense Sticks and Burner

  • Handmade from sustainably harvested woods, our minimal and rustic incense burner adds a warm and natural touch to any space.
  • We love our natural incense sticks infused with pure essential oils
  • Place your incense stick in the small hole, light it and allow the hand-carved dish to collect the ashes as they fall.

All products come in our 1 People signature box.


  • Infuser made from glass and sustainably harvested bamboo
  • Soy candle
  • Monogram scarf made from soft breathable tencel. Natural Plant Dyed
  • Incense sticks and a burner that is handmade from sustainably harvested woods


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