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Every year, tonnes of plastic waste find their way to the oceans damaging the natural habitat of marine animals. As a responsible and sustainable brand, we want to support projects that recycle this plastic waste and also make sure that the fabric we use harm the environment as little as possible. For all our swimwear and activewear we use Econyl, which consists of 78% recycled polyester and 22% elastane. The polyester used for recycling is collected from abandoned fishing nets and carpet lint. The fabric is designed to meet the environmental demands for reducing the amount of plastic waste whilst also meeting a high quality standard with the necessary UV protection. The texture is soft, lightweight and flexible, which makes it a perfect material for our swimwear and activewear. 
All our swimwear and activewear are also Oeko-Tex certified.






Leather mass-production is environmentally and socially costly. Animals farmed for leather and/or meat purposes are often treated very harshly and are also responsible for greenhouse gas emissions. Deforestation is also taking place to clear land for the animals to graze. The manufacturing process from the preservation to the finishing of the leather, consumes large quantities of fresh water while emitting dangerous chemical substances when the leather is tanned. 

We fell in love with Piñatex® which is a plant fibre fabric with a texture that mirrors the special characteristics we love about leather. Piñatex® is a non-woven fabric made from discarded pineapple leaves. This fabric doesn't require new lands and its raw material is a byproduct from already existing Pineapple plantations in the Philippines. The production of Piñatex® is an optimisation of the pineapple harvesting which brings a greater income to the farmers when allowing them to fully utilise their crops. Due to its strong texture and durability, we see Piñatex® as the perfect option for long lasting products. 
All Piñatex is dyed with GOTS certified pigments.







Forests are the lungs of our Earth. However, years of deforestation and exploitation of this woodland has made a gap that we are trying to make up. This process is long but is already in progress since Earth is getting more and more trees. 


We have been opting for a balance approach that benefits both people and planet and ensure that our choice of Lenzings cellulose-based TENCEL™ fabric meets our standards for ethical and sustainable production. And also live up to our quality and comfort standards. TENCEL™ fabric is highly absorbent, very soft and breathable. 


TENCEL™ is modal fibres that are made from sustainably produced wood and manufactured as environmentally friendly as possible. Cellulose is biodegradable which means that when it's no longer in use it can fully re-enter the ecosystem. We don't add anything but natural plant dyes when we produce our products. 






The colours you see on our fabrics come from natural plant dyes. We work with a local family business in Bali who has many years of experience in working with different plant dying methods.







We take good care of the Earth when wrapping and sending your order. All of our products come in a 1 People signature box, that you afterwards can use for storing different items. This box and our instructions cards are made from recycled paper and colored with natural dyes. This production is conducted by a small factory in Bali. Our logo stickers, that come with the box, are made from bio-compostable paper. This manufacturing is run by a sustainable company in the UK.
Some of the packages we send need to be wrapped in plastic