Shipping Destinations & Delivery times

Warehouse locationDestinationsDays of deliveryCarrier
Søllerupvej 21
4681 Herfølge
Denmark1-2DSV, GLS or DAO

Shipping Costs

Free Delivery.
The total you pay when you complete your order already includes all duties and taxes owed to local authorities. You are not required to pay any further fees when the package is delivered.


Shipping Options

Regular shipping.

Shipping Modification/Cancellation

If we haven’t already shipped your order, we can of course change your delivery address. Please Contact Us.

Where Do We Ship Your Order From?

Our warehouse are based in Herfølge, Denmark and Bali, Indonesia. We will prepare your order and ship it to you from this warehouse based on your location.

Contact Us

For any further queries, please Contact Us.